Camilla J. Velvin 
Camilla J. Velvin 

Sales and Marketing Director VESO Apotek  

936 65 174 


Camilla has worked in VESO since 2019. She is a veterinary graduate from the University of Queensland, Australia and has further education in public health, and has spent time as a veterinarian in a number of exotic places in the world, including French Guiana. Camilla is the KAM for VESO Apotek's agreements with VetFamily, Anicura, Evidensia and NMBU. She is responsible for VESO's two online stores, for pet owners and veterinarians, and responsible for the assortment you will find in our two online stores. Camilla is passionate about ensuring that all animals have access to safe products online, which is an important contribution to good animal welfare.


The French School of Public Health (EHESP) 
Master in Public Health (MPH - Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences) 
The University of Sheffield 
Master in Public Health (MPH) 
The University of Queensland 
Bachelor of Veterinary Science (DVM)