The Vets' own Online Store

VESO Apotek is Norway's leading supplier of veterinary pharmaceuticals and commercial goods. Veterinarians are a customer group that we at VESO value very highly, and we must ensure that they always have the medicines they need to do a great job.

VESO Pharmacy stands as the leading provider of veterinary vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and commodities in Norway. We hold veterinarians in the highest regard and prioritize their needs by ensuring they always have access to the necessary medications required to perform their work.

Quality is our utmost concern at every stage, and with over 30 years of experience, VESO Pharmacy has established itself as a trusted and renowned supplier. Our extensive product range, coupled with competitive prices, caters to diverse needs. Our team comprises experienced veterinary nurses, skilled pharmacists, and dedicated veterinarians who facilitate a seamless and straightforward transaction process. We are always available to assist with preparations and special orders based on your specific requirements. Our objective is to deliver first-class service and provide you with an exceptional customer experience.