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Veterinærmedisinsk Oppdargsenter AS (VESO) collects and analyzes data from our websites.


What data we collect


We collect a number of different data, most of which may not be linked to a specific user.

General data we collect when you visit our website:

·      Behavior on our site (sites visited, duration of visit, times visited, actions)

·      Browser details (browser version, operating system, etc.)


Personal information we collect on actions:

·      User and company details (if provided through a form)

·      IP address (in case of visit from home address)


The reasons why we collect data.


Improve content and our marketing efforts


To analyze and improve our own marketing efforts and content, insight into user behavior, like the number of visits per page, time per page and conversions, is key knowledge. We rely on Fathom Analytics to track such data, which gathers this data in a completely anonymous way and without cookies. Fathom Analytics also uses something called "EU isolation", which ensures that no data about visitors in the EU/EEA is sent to the USA or other countries outside the EU/EEA. You can read more about this here.





Track leads, customer service and follow up


Any user data which is submitted through a form will be stored on our mail servers and in our CRM for better customer service and follow up. This information will include any information that you

provide through the forms or further communication. This data is stored as long as necessary to handle the request or until you as a user request the deletion of this information.


Improve user experience


Some data are useful for our developers to improve the user experience. This includes browser versions, operating system, download speed, etc. We rely on Fathom Analytics to track such data, which gathers this data in a completely anonymous way and without cookies.




We collect the IP address from anyone who visits our website. We do this to detect fraudulent intent and be able to block or further analyze the behavior of anyone with bad intentions. Information is stored on our servers for 30 days. If fraudulent intent is detected the IP will be stored as long as necessary to protect our systems.


How we collect the data


We use several services to collect data.

·      Website forms

·      Fathom Analytics

·      Server logs

·      Firewalls




Permission to the collection of data


The collection of IP addresses are collected on any visit to our website to ensure good security. None of the IP addresses collected are used for marketing or directly linked to you as a user except for rare cases mentioned above.


How personal data of children is being handled


We do not intend to track or handle personal data of children specifically. If nevertheless you are of the opinion that we process personal data of children, please contact us as soon as possible and we will delete it.


Automated decision making (including profiling)


Visits to our websites do not include automated decision making (including profiling). Our analytics tools gather visitor data in a completely anonymous way. We do not run any marketing campaign which includes behavioral marketing.


Third parties with access to the data


Our web development and hosting partner, Lindbak IT, has access to all the data mentioned above.


Data security


The data gathered though any visits or by actions on our website are transferred encrypted. We operate a strict user access policy, which means only a few persons have access to this data.


Data retention


Your IP address will be stored for a maximum amount of 30 days.

Deletion, correction or insight into your data

By contacting VESO, you may ask for the deletion, correction or insight into the data collected from your visit or dialogue with VESO.


Contact information


You may contact VESO by using the contact form on our contact page.