Areas we can aid you with


At VESO, it is important for our employees to pass on knowledge about animal welfare and HSE around our chemicals. It is therefore important for you to contact us if you have any questions, so that we can assist you. We are happy to help you set up tailor-made protocols and cleaning plans for your business to prevent infection.

In the event of major outbreaks of infection, VESO still has close ties with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Veterinary Institute, where VESO sets up cleaning protocols that these two organs pass on to all of Norway's farmers.

We help where you are

Crew visit

VESO's employees know that handling chemicals is not the easiest. That is why we at VESO are on request at the customer's place to advise the user of the products.

We at VESO are happy to accept requests for a crew visit at your place, whether it is for routine cleaning or if an outbreak has occured.